I kindly request to all those who would like to do something good...
I request the people who are not indifferent to human suffering and gladly will join to make a bow for this world and help others ...

As many of you probably know that for more than a year now, I have been traveling around the world. During the time spent outside Polish borders, I have met hundreds of wonderful people who selflessly helped others, including me.

I have been staying several days in Palomora, a village in Guatemala. It is located in the mountains at an altitude of about 2700 meters above sea level. Palomora is made up of Indigenous Quiche Mayans speaking Ki’che’, one of 22 Mayan dialects still present in Guatemala, and a little Spanish.

My stay in the village of Palomora is possible thanks to people who I met here, more specifically, thanks to volunteers from the Peace Corps. Individuals participating in this program live and work abroad for 2 years in different regions of the world to help those in need. In the place where it is their daily work consists of education of the local population with topics such as personal hygiene, nutrition, sustainable gardening and agriculture, environmental protection, and the development of school, home and public buildings.

The convenience of life in the twentieth century (with premeditation thoughts of the twentieth, not the twenty-first century) consists of everyday activities that we consider simple and obvious, including what we observe on television. However, life in the Palomora is a very different world, and everyday activities are quite different for this community.

Here are some examples of problems faced by the local population:

  • lack of access to drinking water. The little water which is available requires boiling at least 15 minutes before we could make tea. Even washing vegetables before eating is not recommended in this water. For both cooking and drinking, bottled water must be purchased in a nearby town. The effects of drinking poorly boiled water is not enough I found out personally bearing several days of food poisoning. Polluted water is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in regions similar to Palomora.

  • lack of educational activities related to hygiene. Community, with whom I met here do not have a basic education on food safety. They do not know, and it is hard to teach everyone that washing the vegetables and frits is necessary, the water must be thoroughly boild and the food needs to be fully covered to prevent diseases from insects, etc.

  • education. Apart from the main problems of education in Guatemala, that which I cannot help :) one of the smaller, but equally important problems is the issue of obtaining certain basic materials like notebooks or pens.
  • conditions for learning. Hundreds of children learn in very simple buildings which lack the basic needs such as water. Typically, classrooms are equipped with a few benches and tables. In many cases, schools are without toilets.

  • lack of educational activities related to growing food. During meetings in the local community, I was a witness for people who first heard about growing other vegetables rather than only corn, like it has been for hundreds of years on these lands. (Lack of vegetables in your diet can greatly affect the local community’s health problems)

...Thus I turn to all the people reading this text

Let's demonstrate, in spite of the distance between us, in spite of different cultures, racial and linguistic, that we can be just as sensitive to the suffering of the people in Guatemala as well as our countrymen!

Let's show our kindness! but not to the world, not friends, not family! Let us demonstrate to ourselves that there are still people in the world who wish to share what they possess!

Let us show that we are still with compassion! Let us reject indifference and in the name of human solidarity resign from the moment of pleasure, which may be lunch in a restaurant, a beer in a pub or going to the cinema and instead, let us help others!

I would like to invite all to participate who are reading, in raising money to help the community of Palomora.

Collected funds will be used in the construction of school toilets, purchase of school materials such as notebooks, pens, books, etc., to start a community garden, in which you could learn to grow vegetables, and maybe even buy shoes for needy children. The list of needs is long ... but I believe that with your help, we will be able to make a small difference and help those in need.

Donations will be forwarded to the volunteers of the Peace Corps working in the community of Palomora. To send your donation, you can find my bank account
number on the web page

To begin a good flow of energy and financial resources, I decided to pass on my 3 month travel budget for the objectives which I mentioned earlier.

Let’s get it started!!

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Donation account
1 Friday, 03 June 2011 14:08
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"Donations will be forwarded to the volunteers of the Peace Corps working in the community of Palomora. To send your donation, you can find my bank account"

Having some experience in donation and charity I would strongly advise NOT to use your personal account for this purpose.

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